Quality, Fast & Reliable UK Based Filemaker Hosting

Securely host your FileMaker Pro databases on our network.

We offer a fast and reliable UK based hosting options with additional offsite backup.

Filemaker Pro 7 to Filemaker Pro 12 can be on a low cost shared server
Filemaker Pro 13 to Filemaker Pro 19 on dedicated virtual machines.

  • Up to 32 CPU Cores select the cores you need
  • Up to 128GB RAM select whatever RAM you require
  • 1Gb/s Unmetered connection dark fibre & carrier neutral connection
  • 24/7 365 Security 24 hour manned with biometric access
  • Filemaker Specialists supported by people who know Filemaker

We are currently managing several Filemaker 13 - 19 Virtual Servers, Filemaker 12 Server & 12 Advanced all as dedicated client servers in addition to delivering shared hosting for FMP12.

Our Filemaker Pro Hosting Features

  • Filemaker experts manage the facility
  • Low cost Filemaker 7-12 shared hosting (No FileMaker Server License Required)
  • Dedicated servers for your Filemaker Server 13+ databases
  • Automated Backups retained for seven days, optional offsite backups can be retained indefinately.
  • Unlimited connections and unmetered bandwidth
  • 100% uptime guarantee (excluding scheduled maintenance)
  • Your data and backups will always be stored in the UK. We only host in UK owned and operated data centres and we fully comply with all UK and EU data protection laws
  • ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System standards & ISO 20000: The International Standard for Service Management
  • Redundancy built in at all levels to ensure continuity of service
  • Highly secure with 24 hour Manned Security with Biometric Access all 365 days of the year
  • Internal and external CCTV systems, security breach alarms and intruder alarms in every data hall
  • 24 hour on site Network Operations Centre
  • Dual independent power feeds, multiple generators and further power backup via Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) systems
  • Multiple Air Conditioning Systems controlling the environment room temperature at 24°C +/- 2°C and 0.75kW/m² cooling density
  • Dual zone fire detection
  • Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) within each Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
  • Carrier neutral with cross connection to a number of Tier 1 carriers and Dark Fibre Capability with Diverse Fibre Entry
  • Optical Distribution Frame/Digital Distribution Frame (ODF/DDF) bandwidth
  • Mirrored Switchgear with scalable architecture including multiple redundant core switches and routers
Data Centre

Our Equipment

Our network and servers are designed to deliver the highest performance having:

  • Dell Blade M820 & M1000e or Rackmount Poweredge servers are fast & reliable
    (typically a Dell PowerEdge BM-E5-DualV3 Carbon-Neutral Server)
  • Multiple Intel Xeon Processors ensures MY FM Host is scalable to meet the demands of your Filemaker Databases
    (typically 2 x 10 core 3.1Ghz E5-2630v4 per server)
  • Huge RAM, up to 1.5 TB ram in blades giving you whatever your Filemaker applications demand
    (typically we have 128GB in our rack mounted servers)
  • High performance Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Solid State (SSD) Drives
    (typically 12 disks per array in Raid 10 configuration giving 12x read and 6x write speed gain)
  • 10Gb/s connection ensures at least 500MB/s is available to any virtual server at any time with unmetered data
    (very few hosts can match this speed)
  • Windows Server 2022 or 2019 currently installed in most servers
Dell M1000e Blade Server


Use our estimator to calculate the likely cost of hosting your Filamaker Database with My FM Host.

Shared Hosting Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting for your Database

In a shared hosting environment your database is located on a Filemaker Server Advanced 12 along with other client solutions. You will need to "Hide" your Filemaker database from remote open dialog so that your solution so that is not visible to other users.

When you use our shared Filemaker hosting you benefit from using our FileMaker Server license, so, you don't need to purchase your own license. Furthermore, there are no added charges for FM Go Connections or Instant Web Publishing.

FileMaker Pro 7 to 12

Your Shared Hosting Cost: £0.00/month

N.B. We do not offer shared hosting for Filemaker 13+ because we cannot control Web Direct licensing but we do offer virtual machine hosting where we can host your solution. This will also prove a more viable option for those with a high number of Filemaker Databases.

Dedicated Filemaker Hosting

If you need the latest Filemaker Pro 19 / Filemaker Server 19 or any Filemaker 13 - 18 hosting then we need to set up a dedicated server for you. This server will have your own licence and exclusively host your Filemaker databases.

All new servers are configured with Windows Server 2022 but alternative Windows Server versions can be supplied on request.

Move the slider to adjust vales below and calculate your costs.

CPU Cores (Filemaker recommend a minimum of 2 cores.)

GB minimum RAM dynamically expandable to GB (Filemaker recommend a minimum of 8GB but it will run on 6GB)

(N.B. RAM can be set to a variable amount adjust the sliders each way above to alter the minimum and maximum you might require.)

GB of Disk Space (Filemaker recommend a minimum of 100GB but you can cut this back if you store backups externally).

(N.B. Allocate what you need for Operating System, Filemaker Server, Your Database and local Backups. If you need more that 250GB we will put you onto a private Storage Area Network (SAN) of almost limitless size.)

GB Off Site Backup

(N.B. We can restore the OS and FM basic set up so you don't need to back this up, you only need space for your database.)

Cost: £/month

This estimator is only for indicative pricing. Every client will have unique requirements so please contact us with your previse requirements for a full and detailed quotation.

Brian Watson & Co.

My FM Host is a trading name of Brian Watson & Co. an Information Communications Technology company that has been trading since 1984. Brian Watson & Co., have instigated many changes for our clients businesses from creative sales and marketing strategies to intuitive business processes and systems development. In the process we have learned numerous computer languages and retained a broad understanding of legacy systems whilst keeping ahead of emerging trends.

We have been developing in Filemaker since it was called Nutshell which was back in the early 80's and have continued through the various incarnations to the present day Filemaker Pro 16. Recognising that there was a dearth of Filemaker Hosts and that those active in hosting did not always understand the product or give the support to clients that we thought was essential, we elected to create our own dedicated Filemaker Hosting facility using only the best of equipment, suppliers and the fastest and most reliable connectivity.

On the development side we specialise in Customer Relationship Management and Electronic Commerce creating systems that improve business process and enhance profitability with robust database systems, e-commerce applications and associated web technologies playing an increasing role to support sales generation.

For clients who lack computer skills we deliver close professional business relationships focussed on maximising their potential through effective training and exploitation of leading edge hardware and software computer systems and solutions. This dedication, vigilance and creative ability not only in the development of our clients, but also our own team, secures exceptional quality and ensures excellent customer service for all.

Brian Watson & Co.

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